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21. American Corporate Counsel Association - American Corporate Counsel Association (ACCA) is the in-house bar association with about 13 000 members world wide.
22. American Law and Economics Association - The American Law and Economics Association is dedicated to the advancement of economic understanding of law and related areas of public policy and regulation.
23. American Prepaid Legal Services Institute - American Prepaid Legal Services Institute
24. American Society of Corporate Secretaries - Professional association of corporate secretaries, and other persons involved in the duties associated with the corporate secretarial function including corporate governance and shareholder activities
25. Animal Legal Defense Fund - THE ANIMAL LEGAL DEFENSE FUND was born of a bold and singular vision: that the lives and interests of animals -- in research labs, on farms, in the wild and in our own communities -- would one day be recognized and protected by law.
26. Asia Pacific Legal Institute - The Asia Pacific Legal Institute (APLI) is a not-for-profit organization designed to promote comparative studies between the United States and Asia.
27. Asociación Española de Derecho Sanitario - La A.E.D.S. nació en 1992 con el deseo de propiciar el encuentro adecuado entre dos grandes humanismos, como son el Derecho y la Medicina.
28. Atlantic Legal Foundation - ATLANTIC LEGAL FOUNDATION is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest law firm whose mission is to advance the rule of law by advocating limited, effective government, free enterprise, individual liberty and sound science.
29. BESLA Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association - International Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association in support of a more diversified, expert and informed group of entertainment and sports industry professionals. Networking and Conference opportunities
30. CITBA HOME PAGE - Customs and International Trade Bar Association
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