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1. Florida Coastal School of Law - Florida Coastal School of Law's mission is to distinguish itself as a visionary, foward looking, globally interactive, and culturally diverse institution dedicated to having a positive impact on its students, community, legal education, the legal proffession, and the legal system.
2. Florida State University College of Law - The College of Law embraces the dynamic and diverse nature of the legal profession. It offers students not only the benefits of location, but a program that emphasizes both the traditional values of an honorable profession and the rapidly changing demands of the marketplace.
3. NSU Shepard Broad Law Center - Nova Southeastern University better known as Shepard Broad Law Center, shows Admission, Alumni, Faculty, and events.
4. University of Miami School of Law: Welcome to the School of Law - The University of Miami School of Law - Located in one of the world's most exciting and international metropolitan areas, with a renowned faculty, a rich and diverse curriculum, a carefully selected student body, and world-class facilities, the UM School of Law is in the forefront of the nation's law schools. We are training legal professionals who will be the architects of a rapidly changing world.

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