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1. Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association - HNBA will serve as the national voice for the concerns and opinions of Hispanics in the community generally, and in thelegal profession in particular and will preserve the recruitment,retention of Hispanics in law schools and provide them with financial assistance.
2. Maricopa County Bar Association - Arizona's largest voluntary bar association. F - The MCBA offers a lawyer referral service, continuing legal education (CLE) for attorneys, and other resources and benefits for member attorneys.
3. Pima County Bar Association - The mission of the Pima County Bar Association is to provide service and leadership to the public and to the profession; to provide to all people of Pima County access to and awareness of the law.
4. State Bar of Arizona - The State Bar of Arizona and the Arizona Bar Foundation exist for the purposes of promoting a just society under law and providing the highest levels of service to the members and to the public.

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