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1. *Colorado Women's Bar Association - The Colorado Women's Bar Association was founded in 1978 and works to promote women in the legal profession and the interests of women generally.
2. Boulder County Bar Association - Home - The Boulder County Bar, one of the most active in the western United States, has long tradition of service to its members aswell as to the community.
3. Colorado Bar Association - Allows you to find a lawyer, pratices areas, and much more.
4. Denver Bar Association - These clinics provide overviews of the legal processes and legal forms and are designed for the pro se litigant, i.e., do-it-yourself. They are overview only. The volunteer attorneys cannot answer specific or detailed questions concerning unique individual circumstances, assist in completing specific individual forms, provide specific legal advice for individuals, or provide individual representation.
5. The Boulder Criminal Defense Bar - The Boulder association is a group of about sixty attorneys who are dedicated to the effective and ethical defense within the legal and ethical bounds of the law, of people accused of crimes, or of people being investigated for suspected criminal activities
6. Welcome to the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar - The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar is the only statewide organization devoted solely to the representation of persons accused of having committed crimes.

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