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31. JNREL - The Journal of Natural Resources & Environmental Law is a multi-disciplinary journal published twice yearly by the Mineral Law Center at the University of Kentucky College of Law.
32. Jewish Law Report - Site offers information on Jewish Law.
33. Journal of Applied Econometrics Data Archive - The JAE Data Archive, which is located at Queen's University, contains data for all papers accepted after January, 1994(unless the data are confidential).
34. Journal of Applied Physiology - The Journal of Applied Physiology publishes original papers that deal with diverse areas of research in applied physiology, especially those papers emphasizing adaptive and integrative mechanisms.
35. Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation - Welcome to the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation web page. Since 1985, the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (JELL) has provided a national, unbiased forum for the discussion and presentation of new ideas and theories in environmental law program.
36. Journal of International Marketing - Journal of International Marketing Home Page. Includes description, editorial guidelines and philosophy, subscription information, and table of contents and abstracts of all past, current and forthcoming issues. Published by Michigan State University Press.
37. Journal of Law and Religion - The Journal of Law and Religion is an international, interdisciplinary forum committed to studying law in its social context, including moral and religious views of law and life. A recognized source for policymakers, scholars, and educators, its subscription base represents six continents and includes over 350 law and theological libraries.
38. Journals & Publications -- Marquette University Law School - The faculty created the Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review (MIPLR) to provide a forum for scholarly discourse on important issues that face American intellectual property law attorneys. MIPLR is published annually and has an editorial staff chosen from the second and third-year students on the basis of scholarship, writing ability, and interest in intellectual property law.
39. LANGUAGE IN THE JUDICIAL PROCESS - The authors of LANGUAGE IN THE JUDICIAL PROCESS argue that this image of legal language is false. Form alwayscounts. There are rules for all types of communication, even the most casual, and violations are met with disapproval or dismissal.
40. Law Journal EXTRA! - Law Journal EXTRA! is the only commercial Internet service designed to meet the needs of the nation's legal community. We bring you the latest news about today's most important issues, key case law, regulatory developments, and trends affecting the legal marketplace, together with fingertip access to the wealth of governmental and other resources available on the Internet.
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