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51. Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies - The MJLS is an international forum for the discussion of law in all its aspects. Our coverage includes not only contemporary substantive law, private law and public law but also legal theory, legal history and other aspects of the study of law in its social and cultural context.
52. Political Science Journals - Political Science Academic Research Journals
53. Public Law Research Institute - The Public Law Research Institute analyzes legal issues that currently confront California's state and local governments, at the request of various state and local governmental offices, including the California Senate Office of Research and the Research Bureau of the California State Library.
54. Public Utilities Reports (PUR) & Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF) Magazine - Public Utilities Reports, Inc. (PUR) provides information, analysis, and seminars for the electric utility, natural gas, telecommunications, and water industries. Get timely coverage of local, state, and national energy and power markets, deregulation and restructuring trends, energy prices, electric and gas utility rates, mergers & acquisitions, government regulation, and new technology. Get the latest news from, and about, the players and the regulators. Some of our best known publications are the Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF) magazine, Fortnightly's Energy Customer Management (ECM), the PUR 4th Series legal publications, the PUR Utility Regulatory News, and the PUR Guide management training program. Additionally, PUR offers many books by prominent authors in the field of utility studies and seminars to keep you on the cutting edge of trends in this rapidly changing environment.
55. Rutgers Law Journal Online - The Law Journal provides this service in recognition of the increased use of web-based legal research.
56. SCU Law Review - The Santa Clara Law Review is a legal periodical which is edited by Santa Clara University law students. It is the only legalperiodical on campus sponsored by the Santa Clara Law School Administration.
57. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION - The Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission") is publishing its views with respect to the use of electronic media for information delivery under the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the Investment Company Act of 1940. This interpretive guidance is intended to assist market participants in using electronic media to provide information under the federal securities laws and to encourage continued research and development and use of such media.
58. Stanford Journal of International Law - The Stanford Journal of International Law is one of the oldest and most reputed international law journals in the United States.
59. Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance - The Journal provides a forum in which prominent practitioners and academics can address current and emerging legal issues in business and finance.
60. Stanford Law & Policy Review Home Page - The Stanford Law & Policy Review is an academic journal concentrating on issues of law and public policy, and is publishedtwice a year by the law students of Stanford Law School.
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