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1. AHI's Employment Law Resource Center - For Human Resources Personnel - Employment Law. Alexander Hamilton Institute's Employment Law Resource Center publications and free information cover aspects of employment law and Human Resources Law to keep managers and executives from making mistakes that could lead to fines and lawsuits.
2. AccessLaw® - AccessLaw Legal Research on the Internet: Cases, Codes, Judicial Counsel Forms, and much more!
3. Alberty Publishing LLC - Alberty Publishing LLC is the legal profession's best resource for limited liability company forms. We offer current, practical, and understandable form documents for the creation, operation, transfer, reorganization, and termination of limited liability companies.
4. Alert Publications, Inc. - Alert Publications Inc. offers current awareness newsletters for business and legal researchers. These are designed to help busy information professionals keep on top in their profession.
5. American Arbitration Association - The most comprehensive site for up-to-the-minute information about all forms of dispute prevention and resolution including mediation, arbitration, fact-finding, partnering, dispute review boards and other related alternative dispute resolution processes.
6. American Law Books Home - American Law Books is a publisher of legal publications that are too niche orientated for the major legal publishers, but are nonetheless needed by legal providers.
7. Anderson Publishing - Law books, criminal justice and law school textbooks - Publishes online, print and cd-rom legal resources for attorneys, judges and government and textbooks for criminal justice and law school students and educators.
8. Andrews Publications Conferences - Andrews Publications continues to serve the legal community by sponsoring traditional and audio conferences in developing areas of law.
9. Andrews Publications Online - Andrews Publications is celebrating over 30 years as the nation's foremost publisher of litigation reporters, newsletters, special reports and online services dedicated to assisting attorneys, paralegals, law librarians and executives track case developments nationwide in specific areas of litigation.
10. Ashgate Publishing - Ashgate Publishing is one of the world's leading publishers of academic research in the social sciences and humanities, and of professional practice in the management of business and public services. It has three main imprints: Ashgate for academic research, Gower for business practice and Lund Humphries for illustrated art books. Our worldwide commissioning of texts is complemented by an international marketing and distribution network.
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