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1. Copyright Law for Webmasters - Information about copyright law as it applies to the World Wide Web.Copyright is the legal means of protecting expression. This website gives you information about copyright and how to avoid copyright infringement.
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7. LII: Law about...Secured Transactions - LII: An overview of the law of secured transactions with links to key primary and secondary sources.A security interest arises when in exchange for a loan a borrower agrees, in a security agreement, that the lender (the secured party) may take specified collateral owned by the borrower if he or she should default on the loan.
8. LII: Law about...Social Security - LII: An overview of Social Security law with links to key primary and secondary sources.Social security is designed, as the title suggests, to provide security.
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10. Law Web Marketing - Our goal is to list legal directories and a summary of each one.Legal directories can be a good way to get your law firm's name out. However, a firm can seldom justify the expense of placing its site in multiple paid directories.
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