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1. ABA Administrative Procedure Database - The ABA Administrative Procedure Database is designed to facilitate the exchange of information about federal and state administrative law among legislators, lawyers, hearing officers, judges, and citizens. This site contains links to federal and state Administrative Procedure Acts (APA), reform proposals, and organizational and other resources.
2. Equal Justice Network -- The Website of the Project for the Future of Equal Just - the future of equal justice, planning for legal services organizations, training for legal services, fundraising and resource development for legal services organizations, legal technology
3. Estate Planning - Helpful, Extensive and Organized Estate Planning, El - Extensive, helpful and well-organized Links for Estate Planning, Elder Law, Tax, etc. A favorite of consumers and estate planning professionals since 1995.
4. Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa - This site provides information about the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa.
5. FindLaw: Cases and Codes - Findlaw - thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, forms, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, cle courses, and much more.
6. ICLE Web Links: Practice Area Links: Business Law - This site provides information for the Institute for Continuing Legal Education; the source Michigan lawyers trust.
7. Infinite Ink's Finding News Groups - Links to tools for searching and browsing news group lists.
8. Internet Services For Lawyers - CounselWeb - CounselWeb - Providing Internet Services for Lawyers and Clients.
9. Karla’s Guide to Citation Style Guides - Guide to Citation Style Guides.
10.'s listTool - Mailing and Discussion List Manager - listTool - Mailing and Discussion List Manager makes the process of subscribing, unsubscribing and sending commands to over 600+ mailing lists easy.
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