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1. - This site provides information about the website
2. Cybersettle - Changing the way the World Settles Disputes - Cybersettle is the world’s #1 online settlement company and holder of patent # 6,330,551 for the Computerized Dispute Resolution System and Method.
3. Discussion Draft 1-30-98 - Proposal To Improve Technical Management of Internet Names And Addresses, Discussion Draft January 30, 1998.
4. Internet Law links - Site provides a variety of internet law links.
5. Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions - Our Internet Law Library features extensive summaries of court decisions shaping the law of the web; providing facts, analysis and pertinent quotes from cases covering domain name, email, jurisdiction, linking, spam, trademark, contract, copyright, defamation, encryption, first amendment, gambling, right of publicity, shrink-wrap, venue, clip art
6. Journal of Technology Law and Policy - Comparing Regulatory Models -- Self-Regulation vs. Government Regulation: The Contrast Between the Regulation of Motion Pictures and Broadcasting May Have Implications for Internet Regulation
7. Junkbusters Home Page - Junkbusters helps consumers reduce unwanted junk mail, junk email, telemarketing calls, and protect their privacy from direct marketing companies.
8. LII: State Statutes by Topic - State Statutes on the Internet by Topic.Most but not all state statutes on the Internet are organized along lines fitting the following topical breakdown.
9. Land-Grant Training Alliance Online Lessons - Online lessons on popular word processors, presentation graphics, spreadsheets, databases, and Internet topics.
10. Law Lists - "Law Lists" is a compilation of electronic discussion groups (Internet listservs and Usenet newsgroups), newsletters, journals, etc., related to law.
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