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1. Computer Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia - Article "PUSHING THE ADVERTISING ENVELOPE: Building Bill Boards In The Sky Along The
Information Superhighway "
2. Computer Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia - The Ethical Boundaries of Selling Legal Services In Cyberspace
3. Computer Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia - Client Confidentiality: A Lawyer's Duties with Regard to Internet E-Mail
4. Department of Energy - The Energy Department's Fossil Energy organization is made up of about 1000 scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative staff
5. Ehtics - Article discussing the use of internet raising ethical questions
6. James S. Huggins' Refridgerator Door - Memberships - This website is my personal, electronic refrigerator door.You can discover information about topics like technology and privacy topics I speak and write about. You will find examples of motivational and humorous stories.
7. TOXLAW ChemTracker - chemical information and chemical legislation tracking reso - Chemical, pathogen, and allergen research tool including Safety Data Sheets and HazDat resources.
8. The Journal of Technology Law and Policy - Ambulance Chasers on the Internet: Regulation of Attorney Web Pages

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