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51. The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List - The most comprhensive listing of right to life resources on the internet.
52. U.S. Catholic Bishops - Pro-Life Activities - Pro-Life Activites offers a challenge to American Catholics.
53. Welcome to AAPLOG - Our purpose is to reaffirm the unique value and dignity of individual human life in all stages of growth and development from conception onward.
54. Welcome to Democrats for Life of America - This is a Democratic pro-life website.
55. Why Abortion is Biblical -- By Brian Elroy McKinley - Brian McKinley's opinion on why abortion is moral.
56. Youth for Life International (YLI) - Youth for Life International is a pro-life organization open to persons 20 years of age and younger. Our web site provides information on joining the organization, links to pro-life resources, and a chat forum.
57. -
58. the just the facts, life before birth- your first nine months - this amazing site explores the development of the child in the womb
59. İMMI, Pharmacists For Life International - Pharmacists For Life International is an association of pro-life professional pharmacists dedicated to restoring respect for the sanctity of human life and to defend the right of their peers to responsibly practice their chosen profession without compromising their moral, ethical or religious principals.
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