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1. Administration on Aging - Information on Older Persons and Services for the Elde - Site offers information on aging and senior citizens.
2. Civil Rights Division - Home Page - The Civil Rights Division provides contact information, as well as detailed information on federally prohibited discrimination, its cases and other activities, and how to file a complaint
3. DOI Workforce Diversity - The authorities, regulations, procedures and results of Federal diversity, affirmative employment, EEO complaints, and civil rights efforts, with useful resources for measurement, recruitment and support
4. HHS Office for Civil Rights Home Page - Site provides civil rights information.
5. Office of Minority Health - Site provides information on closing the health gap.
6. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs - Site offers information on Indian affaris.
7. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights - Site provides information on civil rights.
8. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - Site provides information on equal employment opportunities.
9. United States House of Representatives - Committee on Judiciary - Site provides information on the committee.
10. United States Special Committee on Aging - Site provides information on senior citizens.

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