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1. All links from the QRD to elsewhere - Various links to websites devoted to gay and lesbian interests.
2. GAY RIGHTS INFO HOME PAGE - Link contains federal and state government information pertaining to voting records, city and county government voting records, and state sodomy laws.
3. Gay Wired - The Global Gay and Lesbian Network - is the web channel of the gay community. Featuring entertainment, daily news, opinion, travel packages and bookings, national calendar listings of pride events, circuit parties, theater and charity events, and a complete online gay shopping store.
4. Human Rights Campaign HRC gay lesbian bisexual transgender national politics policy lobby hate crimes hate ENDA HIV AIDS - Website dedicated to advancing the equal rights of lesbian, gay, and transgender individuals.
5. LesbiaNation - The Leading Online Community For Lesbians - The leading virtual community and editorial website for lesbians. LesbiaNation offers the latest in entertainment, travel destinations, sports scores and coverage, business, and health news for the lesbian community.
6. Lesbian Issues - - Covers topics of interest to lesbians and lesbian supporters.
7. M. J. O'Neill's QueerLinks -- Links - Collection of fully-described, fully-searchable, visitor-rated links to things queer online.
8. Millennium March Magazine Link Directory - Link devoted to gay and lesbian lifestyle.
9. NGLTF - About NGLTF - Links to Other Sites - The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force lists statewide lobbying organizations for gay and lesbian interests.
10. PlanetOut gay lesbian queer community - PlanetOut is the leading gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender online community. Find: news, information, chat rooms, personals, free email, message boards, entertainment listings, movies, reviews, music, comics, radio and television online, DVDs, videos, festivals and events, travel, celebrities and more.
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