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1. Biosensors and Bioelectronics - Site provides information on biosensors and bioelectronics.
2. Center For Strategic & International Studies - Site provides information on foreign affairs.
3. Center for Democracy and Technology - Site that provides information on counter terrorism.
4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Site provides information on bioterrorism.
5. Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence - CSTPV aims to investigate the roots of political violence, to develop a body of theory spanning its various disparate elements, and to study the impact of violence, and responses to it, at societal, governmental, and international levels.
6. Chemical and Biological Information Analysis Center - The CBIAC is a DoD sponsored focal point for Chemical and Biological Warfare Information. The CBIAC serves to collect, review, analyze, synthesize, appraise and summarize information pertaining to CW/CBD. The CBIAC helps the DoD meet its demanding technological needs and implement its high-priority Research and Development (R&D) initiatives through the prompt and expert application of existing scientific and technical information.
7. Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism - Report from the National Commission on Terrorism, June 2000
8. Counterterrorism Office - Terrorism - Patterns of Global Terrorism
9. Emergency Response to Chemical/Biological Terrorist Incidents - Click here to see -- Case Study; Sarin Poisoning of Subway Passengers in Tokyo, Japan, March 20, 1995
10. European Defence - International Security Assistance Force - Site provides an Afghan stabilization force update.
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