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1. 2002 CAPA Conference in Burlingame California - A California alliance to promote the paralegal profession. Find definitions and ethical standards of paralegals, information for new paralegals, list of affiliate associations, and internet resources.
2. Los Angeles Paralegal Association - The Los Angeles Paralegal Association is dedicated to developing, strengthening, and advancing the paralegal profession.
3. Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County - Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County Home Page
4. San Francisco Paralegal Association (SFPA) Website - (San Francisco Paralegal Association) The purposes are:
Provide an efficient administration to accommodate growth and development;
Promote the education of paralegals to enhance their professional development;
Cultivate understanding of the role of paralegals in providing legal services and increase the visibility of SFPA;
Encourage membership participation;
Advocate the acceptance and expanded role of the paralegal in the workplace and in the overall delivery of legal services.

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