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1. ATD Technology - ATD Technology's Latest Billing Solution Time And Money Is simple with a powerful twist
2. Alpine Datasystems Legal Management and Project Management Software - Legal Software and Project Management Alpine Datasystems serving Law Firms and A/E with Accounting, Billing, and Atchitect and Lawyer Time Tracking programs.
3. BillingTracker - BillingTracker Pro is time billing and invoicing software for lawyers who are sole practitioners.
4. Complete Time Tracking Software - Easily track your time to customers, projects and tasks. Generate reports to screen, printer and export to file. Set hourly rates for time billing. 30 day free trial.
5. DateCalc - A powerful date calculator for determining deadlines. Calculate days after, before and number of days between two dates. Omit vacation days from the calculation. Customizable to support multiple court schedules.
6. ESI Software, Inc. - The leader in law office time and billing, accounting, and - Improve the efficiency of your law office and the profitability of your firm with the number one choice in law office time and billing, accounting, and management software for law firms - ESI-LAW for Windows! The most comprehensive, easy to use, fully integrated package that will help your office run the way it should be - efficiently! Productivity starts with ESI.
7. Hammond-Rust Software has moved! -
8. PCLaw v5 - Time Billing & Accounting - PCLawPro and PCLawJr set the standard for law practice timekeeping, billing, trust accounting and management reporting software.
9. PerfectLaw Software - All-in-One Software for Back Office time, billing, accounting and reporting combined with Front Office case, matter, & practice management with integrated document assembly and management.
10. Prosecutor II - Criminal Case Management.  LawPartner Sr. - Time & Bill - Criminal / Civil Case Management, Docketing, Time & Billing, Case Management, and Calendaring for attorneys, prosecutors, lawyers, and law firms. Free software demos and movies are available to download from our web site. Our products; LawPartner Jr. and LawPartner Sr. are very easy to use and run in the windows environment.
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