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Software used in the legal profession includes everything from Microsoft Access to timekeeping and document assembly.  This page provides links to some of the software commonly used.

Word Processors

Wordperect    -    Traditionally, Wordperfect dominated the legal profession.  Now, Microsoft Word may be used more than Wordperfect probably because Word is included on virtually every computer and Wordperfect has not received the same opportunity for marketing as Word. Opinions differ as to which is best suited for the legal profession.
Word    -    Microsoft Word.  Need we say more. Well, we will say that the versions seem to change annually, a really anoying fact.


TimeSlips :Time tracking, cost recovery and professional billing software.
Juris software applications
Alpine Datasystems, Inc. time and billing system
BQE Software Inc. :time and billing software
Integra Computing scheduling, timekeeping and billing software.
ESI Software time & billing, A/R, trust, cost recovery, client management
Hammond-Rust Software contact, time, billing, and case management 
MicroFirm Software Corporation Time & Billing, Case Management
PCLaw Law Office Time and Billing and Accounting
Silver State Software time billing software for small firms. 
TimeLedger :Time tracking software for Windows.
Software Technology, Inc. :Legal-specific billing and case management.

Document Assembly

Hotdocs    - Reduce repetitive document preparation.
Thinkdocs    - Automate your Documents in a snap!
Microsoft Access    - database software
ProDoc legal document assembly

Special Area Document Assembly


Law Office Management

Abacus Law Office Management software.
AltaPoint Law Office Management


Visioneer :Scanning hardware and software. 
Judicial Systems, Inc.'s OMR scanning of prequalification questionnaires.

Real Estate

Technovation Software :Real Estate professions
Argosy Legal Systems real estate closing software
Reesa Closing System on-screen HUD-1 statement.


Cowles Legal Systems estate planning software
Bit Legal Software :bankruptcy software for legal professionals.
Best Case Bankruptcy forms for bankruptcy filings.
BNA Software :publishes tax planning software
Brentmark Software :Estate, retirement and financial planning software.
Digital Deal real estate software solutions. 
DivorceTech self-help preparation of California family law documents. 
Probasoft Massachusetts Probate and Divorce Forms
TecSolutions :Life Care Planning software
ProLaw Software case management, billing and accounting software.
Legal Recourse online vender of legal software, forms and books. 
Immigration Central Immmigration software for Windows.
Immigrant Professional Immigration software
Easy Soft, Inc. Real Estate, Collection, Personal Injury.
Prima Systems bankrupcty, immigration, and Judicial Council
Safe-At-Home's Complete Book and PC Software List do-it-yourself kits
Law Desq. Corporation court forms

Litigation support

Gravity, Inc. litigation support
InData Corporation trial litigation technology 
Stamp It :Litigation support software designed to simplify the task.
TreeAge Software, Inc. :Litigation risk software
IT IS, Inc. litigation support vendor 
Cheetah Systems :a realtime litigation support system
De Novo Systems litigation case management software

Case Management and Calendaring

AIMS Data Systems litigation, claims
Tek-Law Legal Case Management Software :Case Management system. 
Time Matters  calendar,contact, & case management
AMA Justech UCS an automated court case management
Amicus Attorney
Anthony Macauley Associates management and accounting software
Appeals Unlimited Software
ARIS Legal Management Systems, LLC Integrated Case Management. 
Blumberg Excelsior :suppliers of legal products, services, and software
Bridgeway Software :Corporate legal information management.
Brief Accounting accounting program custom-designed
Brief Exchange
Brosis Innovations, Inc. text mining software. 
CaribSoft Innovations Inc.  Law Office Professional Software Suite 
Calendaring software for California litigation
Capsoft document assembly software for the legal profession
Case & Point Designed specifically for corporate legal departments
CaseLode Legal Software from Basic Systems 
CaseNET case management for the consumer bankruptcy industry 
CasePro law office automation system 
Cassandra Software Software for legal and business professionals
Chesapeake Internlink  PINS case management software. 
Client Context Client Information and Billing for the Solo Practitioner. 
CMS/Data Corporation
Compdata Edex Software software for pensation cases. 
CompInfo vendor of matter management software systems
CompuLaw software company, specializing in docket calendar, billing.
CompuLegal legal office computer hardware, software, and services.
Computer Law Systems, Inc.
Computer Packages Inc. patent and trademark management systems 
CompuTrac legal and business software. 
Custom Micro Systems case management software development company
Defis Software COBRA software manager. 
DHDial & Company integrated suite of financial applications
Dictaphone Corporation Integrated voice and data technology.
Digital Contracts legal document assembly systems
DocuLex Software automation software for production imaging. 
DPC Computers, Inc. sales tax compliance software 
Executive Data Systems legal automation systems
Expert Ease Software, Inc.  to help attorneys and their support staff
FairWay creates import-export contracts in multiple languages. 
Fast Track Litigation Support, LLC. management for the legal profession 
Financia financial computer software program. 
Financial Data Services  Estate and Gift Tax and Probate Reporting 
Galaxy Graphics Legal Clipart legal clipart
Idea, Inc. multimedia demonstrative exhibit presentations. 
Info-Scope File management system. 
Inherent legal software development focused on 32-bit network
Integrative Computer Solutions, Inc. management of worthless checks. 
Intellectual Property Network trademark and patent management
Isys/Odyssey Development manufactors text retrieval systems. 
InterAction enterprise relationship management
Jury Profiler Solution - The consultant in a box.
LAWbase Legal Trust Accounting & Management Software 
Leimberg & LeClair, Inc. financial, estate planning software. 
Legal Anywhere Web-based, intranet/extranet applications
Legal Ease Auto Systems Document assembly software.
LexTech, Inc. legal technology consulting firm.
MicroLaw automation solutions for law firms. 
Millennium Software, Ltd. management software. 
Orion Law Management Software, Inc.  Financial and Case Management
Parenting Time  court-filing, notification to enforce visitation
Parson's Legal Network developed a number of legal software products
PowerLegal financial management systems.
Precise Discovery Litigation Document Capture
Precise Systems Corporation Discovery Management, litigation support. 
Pro Cura :Document management/litigation support software.
Professional Fee Oversight Partner Legal Cost Management Services 
ProtextTranscript Condensing and Word Indexing
Saga personal injury, medical malpractice & general negligence
Saron Systems LegalTalk on-line coferencing
Second Chair Corporation :Help in the study and practice of law. 
SpeechLaw :Speech recognition products for dictation. 
Synaptec Software, Inc. :A network Case/Matter database system. 
T/A-LAW Deposition and Trial Transcript Summary Software.
TechLaw Automation Partners :Systems integration services
Textware Solutions :text entry windows software for the legal office 
TimePro Legal Software, Inc. :Software to manage your law office.

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